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Experience desagréable a l aériport d'istanbul ataturk

Avis publié par Meriem Ben il y a 1 an

Complaint details:
My trip was from Antalya to Casablanca with a stop at
Istanbul airport and change the plane and that on 28 month 9
... The plane heading from Antalya to Istanbul was delayed for two hours and I announced it through the screens and I have pictures, documents and all evidence
When we arrived at Istanbul airport the suffering started so that they did not give us any information about what we would do, how and where to ask ... I went to more than 5 Turkish Airlines offices located at the airport ... and without interest, on the contrary: No information, no guidance.
Dry and rude and I feel guilty .. and every official sends me the second and I move from office to office despite the fatigue and anxiety and all this interest
The airport employees who are supposed to understand that the mistake is a mistake of the company is not the traveler. Instead of dealing well and trying to calm the traveler and find an alternative solution .. They will ask the traveler running from one office to another to bring information to them and they do not speak English Takhilu International Airport receives passengers from all over the world, its employees do not speak English .. very few of them speak .. And more, an international airport does not provide free Internet service,
Found Arab brothers delayed their plane, they could not
Communicate with their family to tell them so
Or the Internet is an obvious thing .. and God if I did not think about buying
A slice and a Turkish phone number because I can not solve my problem because I have continued with the parents and thanks to the Turkish employee to translate to understand me
In short from 7:30 pm to 1:30 pm I am working until I have reached a solution and to the correct information .. Imagine with me that the employee did not bother to tell me that I have the right to stay in a room in a hotel at the expense of the company if I was not I am aware of this and I asked him: I promise you the next day, there is no news about my bags, and no one knows who the officials are and the same story has been repeated .. We have to solve the issue, and it was me who caused the problem and I am not the victim. Another floor did not talk to the Moroccan airlines and finally found out that this office is basically nonexistent, go back and tell it and send me a call N another to ask for bags and Adhb there and wait, and the date of the plane approaching and no signs of resolving information or where they are my bags
Anxiety, fatigue, coarse treatment and lack of information
Staff inefficiency
They do not bother to give simple information, if I did not ask about overnight to spend the night at the airport ... So if I did not ask them a paper proving that I did not receive my bags .. Because I noticed that I risk the time and will not fly right, I was there, no Backless Bags
And God would not have provided some pictures and provided the translation service on the Internet
And the Internet itself has not reached a solution,
Now I'm back in the country and I have no idea where they are.
Summary: The harsh and bad treatment and incompetence of the staff and the distinction and very clear in their dealings with the Europeans and Americans and their dealings with the Arabs, Africans and Indians (except of course the Gulf Arabs
; Unfortunately experience once. very very
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